An infusion of lime and agave make this mead a light

crisp homage to the original party favorite.

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~12%

- Also available in blackberry, Straberry, Pomegranate &

8% Session Style,



Holy Matrimony!

A romantic blend of Strawberry and Vanilla Cream

sure to make you say “I Do”

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~12%

Often overlooked.  Some may say High Maintanence.

But this is a triple threat.  Aphrodisiac, Immune Booster

and Anti-Oxidants.  Plus a bit of ABV and Deliciousness

for good measure.

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~12%



Probably won't be served in a martini glass but it

could be. Be careful. It may be as smooth as a glass of champagne but it has the punch of a Cosmo.

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~12%


Our first endeavour. The origin story of Hidden Hive. Blackberries delicately blended with apple and orange blossom honey. Close your eyes and enjoy the journey.

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~13%


Inspired by the dedication and service of our Armed

Forces and Spouses.   A mini tropical vacation awaits.

Coconut, Love, and One Lime

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~12%

For the people !  In a fashion similar to a pinot grigio

Sweet & Tart Kiwi flavors balance with honey to

create a Crisp refreshing Mead.

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~11%

Ki-We The People


A very different take on the typical Agave Wine.

Legended to be from another world, Gerudo Blue

Is smooth yet dry with a hint of sake like flavor. An 

Agave wine of Heroic Taste.

- Flat (No Carbonation)

- ABV ~13%

Bloody creamsicle

Thankfully we can all now enjoy the taste of summer

at any time. Creamy and light with orange blossom

fruit flavors. A light drink with a remarkable


- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~11%


Our take on a traditional style mead. Orange

Blossom Honey fermented to a semi-sweet, crisp,

bubbly perfection.

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~13%

Terra wonder

Brian created this Methoglin to be enjoyed warm or

cold while peering at the infinite unknown. A myriad

of spices complement a balanced sweet flavor to invoke

a journey of the unknown.

- Flat (No Carbonation)

- ABV ~17-20%


Inspired by and created during the Lyrid meteor

shower.  Lyrid is an example of what the craft brew

market and the mead market have in common.

A desire to provide the people with unique flavors.

Here come the Hops with a Lavender infusion.

- Slightly Carbonated

- ABV ~11%

- Also available in 8% Session Style

Have an idea for a new mead?  Send us a note and let us know!  We'll see what we can do!